Welcome to the inaugural episode of Where in the Multiverse is Fblthp! 

Your cast consists of:

- MrComboNumber5

  • CMDTower mainstay featured throughout our content

- Murphis

  • Writer over at Commander's Herald

- Syr Brian

  • Content creator over at The Vorthos Cast

Every episode we will be discussing a plane that we have recently visited through a set in the last 12-18 months. In doing so will discuss the following:

  • Stories That Gets Left Hanging: What was left untold and where do we think it could go
  • Unexplained Omission: Which characters should have appeared in the most recent visit to said plane
  • Tinfoil Hat: Next time we visit who do you think we will encounter? (characters, sparks igniting, etc.)

For this first episode were taking a trip to the land of gods. No not Theros but Kaldheim! What was Vorinclex up to? Why did Tibalt impersonate a god? More of these to come in this exciting episode!


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